Presenting mATW = Muon Neutrons Accelerator Transmutation of Nuclear Waste

More description materials here are forthcoming.

Neutrons emanating from a muon catalyzed fusion reactor can be collimated onto a suitably absorbing blanket around the reactor, absorbing energy and spallating further neutrons which similarly can be absorbed by a suitable blanket of waste, effecting a transmutation of the waste. This form of mATW requires the infrastructure of a muon beam generation system which is a particle accelerator which could be engineered on demand today deploying conventional pre-existing technology.

The collimation system is unique to mATW is not possible in tATW though it might be possible for a proton accelerator form of sATW.

International mATW Efforts

Initial contact was invited by Ukrainian government ministries regarding application of mATW technology to Chernobyl. Correspondence with named individuals in the ministries and Kiev Institute of Nuclear Physics are available upon request. US Dept of Energy officials have been contacted as well in initial efforts to establish a new effort to evaluate mATW in conjunction with Ukraine and possibly Japan government support.

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